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Foshvision 5kg Load Intelligent Pan/tilt


Foshvision 5kg Load Intelligent Pan/tilt

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Foshvision 5kg Load Intelligent Pan/tilt 

SP15 intelligent pan/tilt system offers a range of advanced features tailored for surveillance and monitoring applications. 

Here's a breakdown of its key specifications:

1. **Max Load**: With a maximum load capacity of 5kg, the SP15 can accommodate various surveillance equipment and accessories, allowing for flexible customization to meet specific needs.

2. **Lens Preset with Self-Adaptive Function**: The SP15 supports various types of lenses and features a self-adaptive function for lens presets, enhancing versatility and ease of use.

3. **High Resetting Accuracy**: With an impressive resetting accuracy of up to ±0.1º, the SP15 ensures precise positioning and tracking of targets, crucial for effective surveillance operations.

4. **Durable Construction**: Constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy material, the SP15 is robust and durable, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

5. **Worm-Gear Driven Mechanism**: The SP15 utilizes a high-strength worm-gear driven mechanism, providing reliable performance and self-locking capability when power is off, ensuring security and stability.

6. **360º Continuous Pan**: Offering continuous pan rotation from 0º to 360º, the SP15 provides full coverage and seamless monitoring of the surrounding area.

7. **IP66 Protection Class**: With an IP66 rating, the SP15 is dust-tight and protected against powerful jets of water, making it suitable for outdoor installations in challenging environments.

8. **OSD Menu and Network Options**: The SP15 features an on-screen display (OSD) menu for easy configuration and setup, and it also offers network connectivity options for remote monitoring and control, enhancing operational efficiency.

9. **Optional Functions**: The SP15 offers optional features such as returning data of pan/tilt position, focal length, focus, etc., providing additional functionality and customization to meet specific requirements.



Rotating Speed


Rotation Angle

Pan:0º~360º continuous, Tilt: +60º~ -60º

Number of Presets


Preset Positioning Accuracy


Optional function

Pan tilt position data ,focal length etc.

Auxiliary Switch

2 groups

Lens Preset

Support,   with self-adaptive function

Auto Cruising

8 tracks(each with 10 presets)

Homing time

It can be set up within the scope of 1~60 min

Auto Scan

1 path



Baud Rate



RS485(RS422 optional)

Input Voltage


Power Consumption


Operation Temperature

temp:-25℃~+65℃ ,humidity:90%±3% RH; without condensation(-40℃~+65℃)

Storage Temperature


Max Load

5 kg

Load Mode


Driven way


Protection Class



5.5 kg


265mm*180mm*315mm   (L*W*H)

In summary, the Foshvision SP15 intelligent pan/tilt system combines robust construction, precise positioning, and advanced features to deliver a versatile and reliable solution for surveillance and monitoring applications.

Foshvision can supply all high quality security night systems and thermal systems, especially customization according to customers’ requirements.

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